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Facing possible relocation I went to the vet to see if my pet rabbit can handle it. Turns out he can't. He is already 8 years old, which is a respectable age for a rabbit. So he likely won't survive a plane flight. But he is still quite healthy for his age and might live another year-two (or anything up to 4 years). I'm now looking for anyone willing to adopt him. Anyone can point me to some pet adoption groups or just give me some advice on how to handle it?

Forums > Living in Kunming > YuanTong Temple turtles

Today visited the Yuantong Temple again. Where have all the turtles gone? The main pool only has fish, i saw just one middle-sized turtle there. And then i went in the back, where the turtles used to chill in the shadows - there were also just a couple. What happened? I remember the place was swarming with them!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teaching Salaries

20+? now i'm depressed. what city is that? Chongqing is quite big (even for China 哈哈), but salaries there are more or less same as here. 12-13+, with overtime can be like 16-18 max (but i mean serious overtime). I guess you can get more if you work part time in several places and have private students, but I haven't seen any place that would offer more than 12-13 (including the housing allowance) and +bonuses


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went for a bike ride along the river on the night of apr.4-apr.5. never have i seen the bars near the 交三桥 so full and so rowdy that time of night. tons of drunk youngsters and so many taxis on the narrow street



one of my favorite places ever! I come here at least twice a month, sometimes more often. Thank goodness i actually don't live or work anywhere close, otherwise i probably would go there every day. Their cherry tomato pizza never gets old! BTW, me and my bf too were introduced to this place by an Italian. U gotta trust those guys to know a good pizza)) The best part is this homemade thin crust, feels so authentic (although i've never actually visited Italy, so not sure if it IS actually authentic). But compared to pizzas i've tried in other countries - this one is one of the best! Love their yogurts - very healthy, natural, delicious (especially love the one with raspberry). Coffee is not bad either, although 'americano' is more like 'espresso' volume-vise.

And, of course, nice old building in a quite alley, fresh flowers on every table, rosemary bush on the roof/balcony.

A sweet little place to come with your notebook, do some work or enjoy a book. And, of course, get some great pizza