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Pet adoption

Leland (17 posts) • 0

Facing possible relocation I went to the vet to see if my pet rabbit can handle it. Turns out he can't. He is already 8 years old, which is a respectable age for a rabbit. So he likely won't survive a plane flight. But he is still quite healthy for his age and might live another year-two (or anything up to 4 years). I'm now looking for anyone willing to adopt him. Anyone can point me to some pet adoption groups or just give me some advice on how to handle it?

CindyLi (36 posts) • +1

Sorry you have to part ways with your aging rabbit. As last resort, try Weibo to seek possible animal-loving owner in Kunming. Sina Weibo sign-in required to view and post. Mostly dogs & cats on the platform, but worth a try.

昆明领养日 (Kunming Adoption Day)


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