Come to As You Like for a slice of Old Kunming charm in an 80 year old family house.

A few minutes walk from Wenhua Xiang and Yunnan Da Xue, Jia Jia and the girls serve up delicious vegetarian food in one of the most relaxing locations in the area.

Pizzas, salads, and home baked treats. liqueur chocolates, unsweetened yoghurt, and the only fresh muesli in town.

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  • NameAs You Like
  • Address5 Tianjundian Xiang, Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65411715
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As You Like • 5 Tianjundian Xiang, Wenlin Jie

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one of my favorite places ever! I come here at least twice a month, sometimes more often. Thank goodness i actually don't live or work anywhere close, otherwise i probably would go there every day. Their cherry tomato pizza never gets old! BTW, me and my bf too were introduced to this place by an Italian. U gotta trust those guys to know a good pizza)) The best part is this homemade thin crust, feels so authentic (although i've never actually visited Italy, so not sure if it IS actually authentic). But compared to pizzas i've tried in other countries - this one is one of the best! Love their yogurts - very healthy, natural, delicious (especially love the one with raspberry). Coffee is not bad either, although 'americano' is more like 'espresso' volume-vise.

And, of course, nice old building in a quite alley, fresh flowers on every table, rosemary bush on the roof/balcony.

A sweet little place to come with your notebook, do some work or enjoy a book. And, of course, get some great pizza


I left a review of this place years ago. Was a little worried about quality when I ordered As You Like through a delivery service this time. Pizza arrived fresh and delicious and still hot. The slices of cake ordered were divine. Five years on and still a really great option!


Wonderful, quaint little bakery/pizzeria in Tianjundian Alley, just off of Wenlin Jie! (The alley starts around 红豆园 and cuts through to Yunnan University's West Gate.) With pure, simple, and delicious cooking, As You Like really embodies the motto "don't change what isn't broken." In fact, one of my Italian friends commented that the pizzas there remind him of his mother's homemade pizzas. I, too, can attest that they are exceedingly delicious, with some very high quality ingredients (blue cheese/walnut pizza is to-die-for). They have some a small garden growing upstairs, which they use for seasoning — you can see them pluck the rosemary leaves right out the window!

Their juices and teas are fantastic. Of note is that their juices are pure fruit — they don't include sugar or other additives, making them not only light and refreshing, but healthy, too. They make a mean lemon cake, and have a killer walnut apple bread, as well.

In terms of decor, it is a bit small, but it nonetheless comes off very cozy, with tasteful decor, ambient lighting, many windows, and inviting music. It's very easy to pass an hour or two engrossed in a book up there, sipping a coffee, listening to the birds outside in the alleyway.

Highly recommend!


completly the same experiance... i went there many times I think was a good customer. well staff never friendly i didn t care. Than I went ther once with my chinese girlfriend she doesn t like pizza took some tofu from the street. had a few pieces left when we arrived. Before we got a hello waitress yelled at my girlfriend she has to go away with her tofu or pay a fee... Ok we left I never go there again...


I like the location, the quaint feeling, but not impressed with the pizza. it was soggy wet in the middle and couldn't even be picked up by hand. nice homemade yogurt, but I came for the pizza recommendation, maybe give it another try someday, but not going out of my way.