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Forums > Living in Kunming > Did the maker space develop?

Ultimately they had the space, people were interested, but from what I understand the financial support wasn't there....and that's all she wrote.

Members are still present in a WeChat group "The Cave". They were just discussing it a couple months ago, as an anniversary nostalgia.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Amazon Kindle

I bought a Paperwhite off Taobao about three years ago.

When first firing it up there's a language option.

I just double checked my language setting options and there's about 10 total.

I definitely don't see chinese characters anywhere.


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Great food choices, vegetarian friendly. quick service. usually a restaurant has one or two thing on the menu that i stick with, but this place continues to amaze as i try different things. keep up the good work. read the back of their menu to get some insight into what they do with the community.


Awesome beer, friendly owners/staff and locals, homemade food. Nice place to meet, chat, and drink... not a noisy place.


Best pizza in Kunming, great dough firm and not soggy... and tasty tomato sauce. Big size pizzas great for 4 to 6 people. Decent beer selection. Only thing I would say to the owner is put some decorations, liven up the ambience, you got a killer pizza!


I like the location, the quaint feeling, but not impressed with the pizza. it was soggy wet in the middle and couldn't even be picked up by hand. nice homemade yogurt, but I came for the pizza recommendation, maybe give it another try someday, but not going out of my way.


Good beer, live music every night. crowded on weekends, nice pool table and foosball I wish there was more food, try the yunnan style fries, yummy