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Bachelor party (any advise?)

maximeFR (6 posts) • 0

Hey Guys,
We are planning a bachelor party for the wedding of one of our friend ? Do you know any good places for that king of thing ?

Is kundu dead ? If yes, where should we go ?

Just put everything you know, the more excentric, the better !

And if you have any tips or advise too it will be great

Thanks a lot !

dolphin (509 posts) • -5
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Yes, I have advice. cancel it.

hiring strippers before getting married is stupid. YOu are basically cheating on your future wife.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +2

Do what everyone will feel comfortable with. If you are Chinese, don't try to attache completely western values to the bachelor party for a Chinese party. The organizers might think it fun, but others may not.

A good meal, getting drunk, Karaoke, are common in both cultures. Some people also like to dress up (best clothes) to make it special. Others do fancy dress to add to the party spirit.

maximeFR (6 posts) • +2

Sorry, I think there is a misunderstanding here.
We don't want strippers or any kind of things that could go wrong for his wedding. We just want to go dancing, drink and having fun like we did few years ago in kundu (mask, baby, zook or M2).

Is the Vervo still exist ?

I know the culture is different but he is French and he likes this kind of stuff.

debaser (635 posts) • +1

Vervo is a good choice. Watch out for special events there or weekly nights (calendar on here). The Ancient Rhythms night has good DJ's. The Turtle is another good choice and there are now so many bars and clubs nearby if you decide to go elsewhere.

wenshidi (25 posts) • 0

Tiger's suggestion is not bad. Alternatively, when I organised my friend's stag do in GZ, we found a bunch of Thai girls who came along as strippers.

Maybe you could find some Russian dancers?

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