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Burgon (42 posts) • 0

Has anyone bought an Amazon Kindle in China? If so, are they easy enough to format into English? I understand you can change the text into English for reading.

I’d like to know if the whole unit can be used in English without any Chinese characters. I had a demo of one and the guy changed it into English but there were Chinese characters indicating the menu options. After that there was a communication breakdown so my question that I’m asking now couldn’t be answered!


inwardsmiles (3 posts) • +2

I bought a Paperwhite off Taobao about three years ago.

When first firing it up there's a language option.

I just double checked my language setting options and there's about 10 total.

I definitely don't see chinese characters anywhere.

Burgon (42 posts) • 0

@inwardsmiles Thanks. That what I thought it might/should do! I'd like to buy mine from a shop, not online. Do you know where I can buy a non-fake model?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

I know you don't want to buy online, but if you buy from a shop and there is anything wrong with it (incl. if it is fake) good luck with getting a refund or your money back.
If you can get someone do the online purchase for you (JD.com is probably the best online shopping platform for tech) you have protection.

trice (35 posts) • +1

yes - I bought my latest kindle from amazon.cn and it was no problem setting it to English and connecting it also with my US amazon account

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