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Forums > Living in Kunming > Amazon Kindle

yes - I bought my latest kindle from amazon.cn and it was no problem setting it to English and connecting it also with my US amazon account

Forums > Living in Kunming > We chat pay ( help)

I wasn't able to get mine to work either and finally asked at the bank lobby desk - a very persistent helper there figured out that I needed to have the bank add my phone number to my account. after that it worked without a problem. Not sure if yours is the same problem, but it's worth a try.

Forums > Study > Book Club Kunming

Hi, I've searched on WeChat for this group multiple times, but never been able to find it - can anyone help me connect? Thx!

Forums > Food & Drink > Persian restaurant - Beichen FC

I'm very curious to know if this restaurant is still around and if it has transitioned to authentic Persian food? I'm sorry I didn't hear about it before or I would have stopped in


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