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Around Town: Spring Festival business schedules

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As the year of the snake yields to the year of the year of the horse, many cafés, restaurants, bars, grocery stores and shops around Kunming will close or alter their hours. We've contacted local businesses and compiled their holiday schedules.

Any businesses not listed below should feel free to post their schedules in the comment section below. Those listed who may further alter hours can get in touch via the contact form. The GoKunming Team would like to wish all of our users a happy and healthy year of the horse!


Coffee Break closed January 29—February 6
Dune Café closed for renovation
French Café (Hongshan Dong Lu location) closed January 29-February 6
French Café (Wenlin Jie location) closed January 30
Full Cup Café closed January 29—February 2
Gemen Game Café (Wenhua Xiang location) closed January 30—February 3
Gemen Game Café (Wenlin Jie location) closed January 30—February 3
Lanyard Coffee Shop closed January 30—February 6
Mazagran Café closed January 29—February 7
Paul's Café closed January 31—Feb 1
Prague Café (Beichen) closed January 28—February 6
Prague Café (Wenlin Jie) closed January 28—February 6
Salinger Café closed January 29—February 7
Slice of Heaven normal hours
TCG Nordica closed January 29—February 13
Vintage Café closed indefinitely


1910 La Gare du Sud closed January 1—February 7
Aini Fanzhaung closing January 25 for at least a week
As You Like closed January 29—February 4 and again from February 6-12
Cacaja Indian Restaurant closed January 30—February 2
Cacao Mexican Restaurant closed January 27—February 7
Camel Restaurant closed January 29—February 5
Chongqing Cygnet Hotpot closed January 29—February 7
Flying Tigers Restaurant normal hours
Haigeng Wenxin Restaurant closed January 29—February 8
Hongdouyuan (all locations) closed January 28—February 5
Jiayan Restaurant normal hours
Laodianmian 320 Daiwei Canba closed January 28—February 8
Laofangzi normal hours
Lost Garden Restaurant closed January 30—February 5
Moonlight Corner (Beichen location) normal hours
Moonlight Corner (Green Lake location) closed January 31—February 2
My Favor Restaurant normal hours
Nianlun restaurant normal hours
Panlong 17 closed February 1-7
Pizza da Rocco closed January 29—February 6
Qingzhen Zhuyuan Muslim Restaurant closed January 30—February 7
Salvador's Coffee House closed January 29—February 7
Shiping Huiguan normal hours
Simao Yecaiguan normal hours
Tusheng Shiguan closed January 29—February 5
Wicker Basket (Beichen) closed January 29—February 9
Xiaodongtian Fandian closed January 28-February 7
Yiyuan Nongjiacai normal hours
Yingjiang Dai Restaurant closed January 28—February 12


Alei Lounge Club and Tapas Bar closed January 30—February 1
Camel Bar closed January 29—February 5
Halfway House closed January 29—February 7
Moondog open from 6pm daily
Muyu Studio closed January 30—February 6
O'Reilly's Irish Pub closed January 28—February 3
Nashville Sound Bar closed January 31—February 2
Napa Valley Wine Bar closed January 29—February 10
The Club closed February 10-13
The Mask closed January 31—February 2
Vervo Club & Bar closed January 31—February 1
Wenlin Memento closed January 28—February 10


Carrefour (all locations) closed January 30—February 3
Paul's Shop closed January 31—February 1
Metro regular hours
Sapore Italia closed January 30—February 6
Wal-Mart (all locations) normal hours

Vegetable, fruit and meat markets around the city do not necessarily close, although some do. Stocks dwindle significantly during the run-up to Spring Festival so shop early.

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Café image: Flickr
Meal image: Wordpress
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Deli image: Pusateris

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If only we had a deli like the one in the last picture!

Slice of Heaven is open over the Chinese New Year. You may have seen this information hidden among the long list of restaurants that are closed. Slice of Heaven, however is not a restaurant. It is a cafe, bakery and wine bar and as such will be serving over fresh baked foods, great coffees and wines over the Chinese New Year.

Yeah, I thought it was strange that Slice of Heaven and Salvador's Coffee House were both listed as restaurants.

Very useful list though. Thank you.

Useful list, thanks.
I'm actually glad I will be leaving KM for a few days since almost everything will be closed.

The article title has been changed.

Thanks for the info! However, Carrefour on Longquan rd was open today :)

Will there be a similar list for this year posted soon? it's been very helpful in the past.

Moondog proving yet again that it's the best, staying open the same as always, no pussying out cos of some new year bullshiit

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