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You may have seen the delivery company's yellow kangaroo logos about. We've been using this service to deliver food for a couple of months and found them to be both fast and cheap. Unfortunately their website is in Chinese but still not to difficult to figure out.


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Thanks Patrick, but a small amendment. Slice of Heaven will be open over the holiday. but our hours will be reduced. Open 9.30 am, kitchen closed 9.30, closed 10.00 pm. We'll go back to normal hours as staff return from their holidays.

Slice of Heaven will be open, but from 9am -9pm and will resume full hours after our staff have their well deserved break. Don't forget that we will have a free entry pot luck (bring your own food and drink to share) to 1am on Chinese New Year's Eve. No staff, so you get to practice being a 服务员



Lao Fa. We all look forward to you opening a bar so we can come and pass judgement. Kris cooks everything with love and both Alex and Kris are great hosts but the first month or so in any business are hideously difficult. Please review again in six months after these hard working guys get their training wheels off.


Great place to find high end stuff beyond most budgets such as down quilts, cashmere scarves and sweaters, very good coats and jackets and leather goods. Often in barely worn condition. You will have to search. I got a Brooks Bros shirt for 10 kuai! Do bargain. I think this is where the charity bins of clothing end up. I've seen huge bales of compressed clothing in some of the stores.


Hearts & Hands had a table at the Xmas market at Slice of Heaven recently. Their Xmas themed ornaments, toys and gifts were well made, very resonably priced and popular with our customers. We noticed they had some nice aprons and we asked them to make some for our staff in another colour. They arrived a week later, stylishly and professionally made and at a price to make the local street tailor anxious. They're right next to the Wicker Basket over on the West Second Ring Road.


Heller, you're right. That is too much for bread. Call that another one of my many senior moments. But we did think the price was too low. The bread is 15 yuan for a baguette and 8 for the foccaccia. We think that is reasonable. What do you think?


I'm a long term fan of Prague Cafe, both Beichen and Wen Lin Jie. It's clean, bright, has some of the friendliest staff in town, great coffee and, their pasta primavera beats all. Just reading a review of Aiyaryarr's makes me want to scream, "Aiyaryarr!!!" Where do you think you are? This is Kunming, in the middle of China, not London, New York, Paris. People here opening cafes, bars, restaurants are not Michelin Star chefs, just people. They love Kunming, food, people, good coffee and want to share that. Instead of blahing off, why don't you either open a cafe of your own and expose yourself to the same criticism you level at others go back to Paris, New York, Mummy, wherever.