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Mandarin with Huayang

Rasssul (36 posts) • 0

Hi All,
Have some plans to start learning Mandarin with the Huayang Language Academy in Lijiang, so need your help, any positive and/or negative feedback about them?

Thanks in advance.

DiggySmalls (6 posts) • 0

Studying in Huayang Kunming now its very cheap and very good.

Lori is great for helping with Visas, bank accounts etc.

Could be a good idea if they implemented a Chinese language partner idea so we could all practice more

Rasssul (36 posts) • 0

Could you, please, rub my nose in those reviews, if possible, thanks?!
Since I am not like a duck to water out here maybe there are some other specific locations where I can read them.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +1

Caveat, I would not expect the same levels of service in smaller cities outside of Kunming, but I would expect the same culture with regard to how customers are treated.

Haali (1176 posts) • +2

from my experience with them and what I've heard from other people, Huayang (at least in Kunming) is a second or even 3rd rate organisation. Keats is generally thought to be the most professional and well run. You might also consider Mei's Mandarin, I and a few friends have studied there and found it to be a nice relaxed place to learn with some good experienced teachers.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +2

I went to Keats back in 2006. My experience was good. I had one to one classes for a year. Everyone was professional.

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