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Studying in Huayang Kunming now its very cheap and very good.

Lori is great for helping with Visas, bank accounts etc.

Could be a good idea if they implemented a Chinese language partner idea so we could all practice more


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Very good value course around 500 euro plus full X1 visa support.

Teacher ( Amanda ) is very good at pushing the class forward and really making sure everyone learns and people not studying have to do so as not to slow the class down.

Class sizes are fine, 6 students in my class is perfect size.

Lori the co-ordinator for students is really helpful especially with tricky things like opening bank accounts.

School itself is clean and tidy with free coffee/tea and a nice friendly atmosphere. altogether I guess around 50 or 60 students which is good for making friends or getting advice on how to live here as a foreigner. Close to good bars and plenty to eat nearby.

We have a 3 bedroom apartment closeby for around 400 euro per month which is nice. Seems to be other good quality places available.

Already thinking of extending my stay here