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Forums > Study > how to get scholarship in Kunming

Might be a good idea to drop into some universities as the deadline for scholarships in 31 March as far as I know.

I'm in Huayang and its cost me 8,000 for the year with full X1 Visa, I'd say if you cant get scholarship maybe try a few schools and exchange a little work for their tuition fees if you have teaching skills or something

Forums > Travel Yunnan > How to find Hiking buddies

Don't know about groups but if you get a chance visit Jiaozi mountain its about 2 and a half hours north of Kunming. Wouldn't mind joining a group tho if there is one

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent of an apartment

Renting over beside Huayang Academy on Xuefu Lu. Renting 115sqm 3 bed 2 bath new apartment for 3,000. they allowed us to start on 4 months rent.

pretty good rent I feel after seeing people trying to rent old 2 beds for 3 and 4,000

Forums > Study > Keats School

I was actually thinking of checking out Keats to possibly switch from Huayang if they were better. No TP? that cannot be real can it? one thing I like about Huayang is the toilets are always very clean and I don't gag when I've to take a pee or wash my hands.

Do Keats have January class in between semesters? Huayang have 60 hour HSK 4 prep for 2000 starting january 8 I think which seems to be a good deal although I don't know if I am at that level yet.


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I've heard bits and pieces saying it's good and bad. Seems lately Keats and another school have been pushing reviews which I think damages them more than works in their favour. True it could be a paid article or a favour to Keats. As far as I know they are one of the top schools in China anyway,

Well I wouldn't say idiotic there are nice people here 6 years that can't speak the lingo. Also it is expensive to study some people gotta work.

I guess I might call them and see if I can visit the school as I might stay in Kunming next semester, just wondering if there is an outdoor group that hikes etc in Keats.
At Huayang we are lucky to have a lot of hikers cyclists etc. we went to jiaozi mountain and it was one of the best hikes i've been on in China check out the views for gods sake![...]

Nice interview! Definitely true about some schools being a bit too flexible. Did you by any chance visit Huayang Academy?

Currently studying Chinese at Huayang and don't think its too flexible in fact it's very good. I've not studied in other schools so just wondering how you compare them ?

Also how do you find the Kunming dialect? it can throw me off sometimes and I feel I might move north eventually but its too cold



Great staff and food,

Really pleasant and inviting place to enjoy some sun on the roof, meet friends and fill up with amazing food.

The blue cheese burger is crazy good.

I was there last week and it rained, when I went out the staff had put a plastic cover on my bike to keep me from getting wet on the way home. Thats just a little detail that tells a lot about these guys!


One of the Best parks in Kunming, The BBQ area is a great place to have a party in a fresh environment with friends. Huayang Academy brought us for a student party and everyone enjoyed it


Great pub!
Lovely to have a place to go and chat at anytime, great beers on tap. The stout is especially good but more like wine at 12% alcohol.

Food is really good and very friendly atmosphere for anyone from anywhere


Great Pizza been there 3-4 times and ordered twice.

Best pizza in Kunming by far.

They also roast coffee there.

I like the light roast but try both its cheaper than ordering western brands on Taobao and its better and fresher!


Very good value course around 500 euro plus full X1 visa support.

Teacher ( Amanda ) is very good at pushing the class forward and really making sure everyone learns and people not studying have to do so as not to slow the class down.

Class sizes are fine, 6 students in my class is perfect size.

Lori the co-ordinator for students is really helpful especially with tricky things like opening bank accounts.

School itself is clean and tidy with free coffee/tea and a nice friendly atmosphere. altogether I guess around 50 or 60 students which is good for making friends or getting advice on how to live here as a foreigner. Close to good bars and plenty to eat nearby.

We have a 3 bedroom apartment closeby for around 400 euro per month which is nice. Seems to be other good quality places available.

Already thinking of extending my stay here