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Juanjuan (1 post) • 0

hi, i have seen your notes, but one more question, i really don,t know, what is '' keats'', i meaning what is the meaning!!!may be first you tell me the meaning, and then maybe i can give you some advise, how you think?

chris (144 posts) • 0

Keats tries to be an all-inclusive school that takes care of all of your needs. From what I can tell, they do a decent job of it, but at a much higher cost than you'd incur by going to another school and living on your own. That said, if you're looking for everything to be taken care of you when you first arrive, Keats is probably an ok option.

My friend who went there said she was glad she spent her first couple of weeks in Kunming there, but she said the school's director became irate with her when she decided to leave so she could live by herself and study somewhere cheaper.

Hope that helps.

canadian_student (5 posts) • 0

i hv no idea what keats means. altho, i've seen the name used in certain condo projects here in canada.
do you happen to know the quality of teaching at the school? I realize it is quite an expensive choice, but i need to cover a set amount of material during the 7 weeks that i will be in kunming in order to get into the next level of chinese courses at my home university.
regardless, it's good to know that it seems to be a legitimate school.

Parallel (3 posts) • 0

As far as I can tell they seem to be the most hassle free way of studying there, as stated by Chris they take care of everything for you hence the extra cost. They have other forums that go into more detail about what previous students inpressions are, but I seem to have lost the link I will find it. But I will be joining the ranks this summer myself so we will see.

As for teh definition of Keats there is none, this is not a word with a meaning, it is a name.

wpgoalie (12 posts) • 0

I went to Keats for a month, my first month in China. I had a good experience, though it is absolutely way more expensive than your other options. You could likely go through one of the other schools to hire a private tutor at a more competitive rate, but if you want a hassle-free intensive study period, go for it.

gbtexdoc (218 posts) • 0

Quote: "Presumably the school is named after John Keats, the poet."

I thought the same thing at first, but actually it's not. It's a "sound alike" name: 济瑟学校 = jìsè。 The first word jì means something along the lines of "to be of help" and the second word sè is the name of a musical instrument, but is used here as a phonetic componnent.

It's a real good school.

AntoNomad (16 posts) • 0

I agree with some of the people posted above me. I went to Keats for a month, October 2010, and it's hassle free, but that comes with a price. And it's kinda high price, comparing to other, alternative options of studying mandarin. But, my teacher was excellent. If u have money to pay, it is worth it, but def not the only way to learn mandarin. Good luck

Nick1111 (1 post) • 0

I learned in Keats before, I just wanna to say it sucks. The boss of Keats can't even speak English and she knows nothing about teaching chinese.Also, the price is expensive.Since there are so many schools where you can learn chinese and get student's visa. You can take your time to find another one. Good luck.

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