Huge park and graden in the east of the city. Grounds include 350 year-old Tanhua temple and a seven-story pagoda with commanding views of the city.

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  • NameTanhua Temple Park
  • Address533 Tanhua Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63845448
  • Hours9am-4pm
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Tanhua Temple Park • 533 Tanhua Lu

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One of the Best parks in Kunming, The BBQ area is a great place to have a party in a fresh environment with friends. Huayang Academy brought us for a student party and everyone enjoyed it


a very pleasant park with a tall pagoda you can climb and take photos of the city if you wish. Roses in summer, blossom in spring, nice lawn to sit on, bbq areas.


The temple itself is not very interesting, but the grounds are beautiful and the adjoining park (Admission fee: 5 yuan) makes for a pleasant stroll or picknick in a quaint and somewhat forgotten corner of Kunming. I don't know if people are ever allowed into the pagoda;if so, it would make for a grand view of the city, and be worth one extra star. Definitely worth a visit. Note that the temple compund and the park is connected via an underpass just behind the park's west gate.