Our company “Hearts and Hands” is a social enterprise which started in Kunming in 2000. We provide skill training and create jobs for the people with hearing loss and other kinds of disabilities in Yunnan.

On the one hand, Yunnan has a rich ethnic culture and traditional skills like patchwork, sewing and quilting used to be a part of life for many. Unfortunately, these skills are fading away due to the massive production done by machines. With modern designs, “Hearts and Hands” wants to see these valuable skills and techniques preserved and passed on.

On the other hand, “Hearts and Hands” aims to provide work for the deaf and disabled community, especially for women. We take care of our staff by ensuring a safe and healthy working environment and continuous skill training, along with a guarantee of fair wages and social insurances. Naturally, our staff’s confidence grows with their competence and they, in turn, find a meaningful life.

At the same time, we believe in the quality of work and service; therefore, we pledge to serve our customers with high-quality products and excellent customer service. Besides handcrafts, we are looking forward to establishing new product lines and services that create jobs for more people from the deaf and disabled community.

The possible new product lines and services encompass the following four areas:
- Soap and lotion manufacturing
- Jewellery design and manufacturing
- Hospitality industry
- Technology and communication services

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Wechat: Hearts&Hands心韵绣坊

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  • NameHearts & Hands
  • Address1-101-4, Building 8, Kai Yuan Xiao Qu 1, Kunming
  • MOBILE15912450741 (Jing)/15912171994 (Susan)
  • Phone(0871) 68237393
  • HoursTue-Sat: 10am-6pm
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Hearts & Hands • 1-101-4, Building 8, Kai Yuan Xiao Qu 1

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Hearts & Hands had a table at the Xmas market at Slice of Heaven recently. Their Xmas themed ornaments, toys and gifts were well made, very resonably priced and popular with our customers. We noticed they had some nice aprons and we asked them to make some for our staff in another colour. They arrived a week later, stylishly and professionally made and at a price to make the local street tailor anxious. They're right next to the Wicker Basket over on the West Second Ring Road.