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Wicker Basket • Beichen Xiaoqu Walkway C-14


Western grocer and bakery featuring restaurant with nightly salad bar, closed Sundays



Great western dinner at a reasonable price. The salad bar is a wonderful bonus if you order a dinner meal. I like to get their early just after 5, then salad bar is especially fresh and full of all the selections. Staff are my favorite in Kunming. They are friendly and attentive, but not over bearing. Give you menu and then give you time to make a selection.


Went for a late lunch today. Prices are really good, plus they have chicken pot pies! Great selection of import foods in the store (pricey though) Really friendly staff.



Only been to the one south in Kunming, which is close to the international school.

Staff are very friendly and they have some western food stuff for sale, such as cheese, bbq sauce and pasta etc.
My favorite is the salad bar, which might be one of the best deals when it comes to food in Kunming.

Food never arrives on the same time and the bread, although it`s better than Bread Works, Rambo Bread and Carrefour, it`s not really good. Back home in the old country, no one would eat it. Here in Kunming it can be a decent back up for bread craving dudes like myself.

Overall a nice place to go for food and if it wasn't for the salad bar I would give it 3 stars as the food isn't all that.

On a sunny day, the upstairs balcony is a nice place to smoke while waiting for the food.


Seems the Beichen Wicker Basket started serving dinners again - yay! As usual, love the salad bar (salad/fresh vegetable deprived).

Food is delivered slowly, as usual, and in waves - so plan on sort of dining a bit separately - spread out over time - quite the norm for most expat style restaurants with minuscule kitchens and skeleton staff.

Just glad WB opened for dinners again - REALLY missed their salad bar!


While the staff are nice and friendly they lack knowledge of the menu and what is available. E.g. Big breakfast, 2 eggs any style. Try asking the waitress for scrambled! Also preparation is very slow, never received quicker than 30 mins.