Western grocer and bakery featuring restaurant with nightly salad bar, closed Sundays

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Wicker Basket (Beichen) • Beichen Xiaoqu Walkway C-14

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I went to Wicker Basket today - very friendly welcome. Fantastic banana milkshake (if there are better shakes in Kunming, I haven't found them) and the chicken strips were excellent. I always buy my bread there too - best value in town. Their frozen pies are really nice and there's plenty of baked goods on offer. Reasonable prices, nice atmoshpere. If only it wasn't so far away!!


Recently had a burger here and it was really ok. But it was so cheap, I wonder about the quality of ingredients. Their bread, for my European taste, needs a lot of improvement.
Service is nice and helpful.



Recently it took me half of a day to finally find one of the Wicket Basket restaurants. Since I am new to Kunming, I don't even remember which of the 2 it was. Luckily, I asked for a business card (a habit when I visit or patronize a place I thought worth another visit) and they gave me one for each of the 2 restaurants. Their e-mail address (for both) is: thewickerbasket(at)


Is it possible to contact Wicker Basket by e-mail? Does anyone know their e-mail address?