Wonders Of Yunnan Travel

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Agree with kunmingren. Best place in Kunming! Food is amazing, desserts are the best I had in this town (and even in China).

Sandra's is the most special place in Kunming and Sandra probably the most special person.
Sandra's is the only place in this town, where I happily pay my bill and know I got even more than I payed for.


Great coffee! Nice relaxing atmosphere and a perfect place to hang out during the day.
Sandwiches are very tasty.
Great staff!


Recently had a burger here and it was really ok. But it was so cheap, I wonder about the quality of ingredients. Their bread, for my European taste, needs a lot of improvement.
Service is nice and helpful.


The milkshakes are pretty good, but for their food I would not come back. Their Burgers and Pizza are below average and also the atmosphere is a little too christian for our taste.