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Forums > Living in Kunming > Is Private Detective Legal in Kunming and China

Thank you all for your inputs. Unfortunately, I cannot apply any of the suggestions:

• Since PI service is not available, it's not an option.
• I don't want to be a PI, just looking for legal ways to find a friend.
• My understanding of the reputation of collection services, the world over, are less than ideal. They may use methods that scare or not so nice to people along the way.
• Going to an attorney without all of the necessary data will not help. Besides, unless the attorney is in need of a job, he/she is unlikely willing or able to take one to look for someone.
• It's only a personal search that does not qualify for or warrants public attention on TV.

I think life's decision incongruities often include holding onto what we should not and letting go of what we should hold onto. Perhaps starting this thread was my knee-jerk action. The answer for my dilemma is probably in front of me, I just need to see it, accept it & move on. Again, thank you all for your time & suggestions.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Carpenter's glue

Elmer's Glue is a water soluble glue. That's the same glue carpenters commonly use. I have seen a "similar inexpensive white glue" that comes in small (about 1 to 2-ounce) soft squeezable plastic bottles in the stationery section of large supermarkets or in stationery stores. School kids use this glue to fabricate school projects.

Plastic anchors are too slippery for the wood side and split up if you apply too much pressure/friction on the screw contact side. Your idea of filling the hole with some wood is the correct solution. Screws for common cabinet door hinges are likely only #6's to #8's, unless you are dealing with a huge door and screw sizes of #12 and larger. Make sure you are using screws for wood and not metal. For small size screws, I don't think it's necessary to glue the splinters of wood to the hole. As tigertiger has suggested, wooden match ends can be used to fill the hole. But matches nowadays, even if you can find some, are usually made with very soft wood and will not do much good. Instead, I have used wooden toothpicks to do the job (I suppose bamboo toothpicks "may" also work). Just PACK THE ENTIRE HOLE with the toothpicks before applying screw. The toothpicks will compress as the screw moves in. The friction alone will bind the screw to the toothpicks and the toothpicks to the hole in the wood panel.

Forums > Living in Kunming > express courier service to Hong Kong

I've used SF Express to move some personal belongings (i.e., paperwork & clothes) from HK to Kunming and also from Kunming to HK. The service is quick and good. The cost is according to weight and I think is very reasonable. Because of Customs regulations, a strict requirement in both HK & KM is you must "not seal" the package(s) or box(es). The pick up guy will first check the content(s) then seal it/them. You can elect to pay cash in KM or C.O.D. in HK.

The outer surfaces of my sturdy corrugated boxes from HK arrived KM via Shanghai totally out of shape & very dirty. The outer surfaces of my extra sturdy corrugated boxes from KM arrived HK via Shenzhen slightly out of shape but still very dirty.

I have also received a document package sent from HK to HK and it was just as efficient, but clean. The HK pick up & delivery crews seem more professional.

The SF Express toll-free number in China is 400-8111111 and you can select to speak to an English speaking agent to arrange for pick up in KM. Please note the pick up guy(s) do not speak English.

It's a good idea to ask all the questions (when you have the chance to do so in English) when you call the toll-free number. One caution is talking to a different English language customer service agent on different calls may yield slightly different answers.


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Prague café (Beichen Walkway Garden B6)

The pasta dishes were so salty that our blood pressures were raised to dangerous levels. Anyone with high blood pressure would have risk a heart attach eating the food.

The "cook" (Certainly not "chef"!) added what looked like Szechuan dried red hot pepper to the bacon spaghetti dish that was not supposed to have the hot pepper (Prague Café explanation: the menu was incorrect!). They did offer to redo the dish, which was still a bit spicy hot, but the portion of the (supposed) "replacement" was roughly half the original portion. The Tuna spaghetti was supposed to be seasoned with oregano (according to the menu) but did not. It tasted like canned tuna fish with added salt and nothing else (Not even garlic indicated in the menu), then tossed with over-cooked spaghetti. The pasta portions were so small that each barely fills an 8-ounce (250ml) measuring cup. Because we were tired from a long day that also made us very hungry, we regretfully ate the food. The small portions were probable a blessing in disguise and save us from potential health problems.

Our unsatisfied hunger & my gf's sweet tooth made us ordered the tiramisu, which tasted like layers of tasteless whipped cream & cocoa powder.

For the aforementioned reasons, Prague Café food lack authenticity & quality and therefore very expensive at any price! I also question the purpose of their menu. We made no other complaints to Prague Café because we felt it'd be futile since they obviously do not know the purpose & etiquette of running a restaurant by their show of gall & arrogance! However, a review here would have a greater significance & influence hopefully for Prague Café & potential patrons respectively.


Initially, I WAS ecstatic to discover & read about a restaurant that offer great ambiance, service & food plus the additional sense of a museum all in one bundle. I WAS inclined to agree with fthpo & wiilb1.

But as a person with deep Cantonese roots, I find the food images posted by the Restaurant do not reflect true Cantonese cuisine in the presentation or use of ingredients, except perhaps the 2 images of the soup which remotely resembles a Cantonese origin.

Nevertheless, I shall make an effort to try the Restaurant soon and post my review of the overall experience.



Recently it took me half of a day to finally find one of the Wicket Basket restaurants. Since I am new to Kunming, I don't even remember which of the 2 it was. Luckily, I asked for a business card (a habit when I visit or patronize a place I thought worth another visit) and they gave me one for each of the 2 restaurants. Their e-mail address (for both) is: thewickerbasket(at)