Located in the old headquarters of the legendary Flying Tigers, this restaurant serves authentic Yunnan and Cantonese dishes in a dining environment that revives the spirit of Kunming in the early 1940s.

Flying Tigers Restaurant wishes all GoKunming readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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  • NameFlying Tigers Restaurant
  • Address45-48 Xiangyun Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63169788,63332993
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Flying Tigers Restaurant • 45-48 Xiangyun Jie

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Food as always, consistently tastu. Service - again, as always, outstanding and attentive.
Parking validation - fantastic for those with wheels (but you gotta ask - remember to bring your parking lot NFC card with you).
Decor - sumptuous.


Initially, I WAS ecstatic to discover & read about a restaurant that offer great ambiance, service & food plus the additional sense of a museum all in one bundle. I WAS inclined to agree with fthpo & wiilb1.

But as a person with deep Cantonese roots, I find the food images posted by the Restaurant do not reflect true Cantonese cuisine in the presentation or use of ingredients, except perhaps the 2 images of the soup which remotely resembles a Cantonese origin.

Nevertheless, I shall make an effort to try the Restaurant soon and post my review of the overall experience.


It gets 4-stars even before my visit...
This is what Kunming needs, with the upcoming 70th. anniversary of the AVG's first battle near the city Dec. 20, 1941. The new Flying Tiger museum is scheduled to open then also.
Hope to see you there...