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Forums > Living in Kunming > Criminal background check

Thanks @Rainbow.English I asked the 派出所 I am registered at and they were very helpful. First step is a notary certificate and fingerprints, then the Entry and Exit bureau .

Forums > Living in Kunming > Criminal background check

@Ocean thanks! will go and check
@jadorechocolate Thanks, I need one issued from Chinese authorities as well as one from my home country. I am looking for specific infos about the one issued by Chinese authorities. You're correct, consulates and embassies abroad usually cannot issue this kind of certificate

Forums > Living in Kunming > Half Marathon in Kunming-10/09/2017

@Ocean From what is written on their website, race is on Sunday Sept 10th , and starts at 08.30 am from 云南省博物馆新馆/云南大剧院广福路. Finishing line for the Half marathon (21.0975 km) is at 云南民族村广场, finishing line for the 8km run is 昆明滇池国际会展中心, and for the 1km Family Run is 昆明市官渡区第一中学. To enter the race first you have to register on their website, registration is open from August 1st until August 12th, entry fee is 110/half marathon -- 60/8km -- 100 for the family run (groups of 2 adults+1or2 children), through Wechat or Zhifubao. Call center: 0871 67481100 . Website says registration will be confirmed on August 15th and entry fee is not refundable. Hope it helps!


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If visiting only one country in the Schengen space, you should apply to the embassy/visa centre of that country. If visiting several Schengen countries, you should apply to the embassy/visa centre of whichever country is your 'main destination' - the country in which you plan to spend the most time during your trip, regardless of which flight you take.

I have never been and I am curious about it, do you know when the next one will be organised?

Also, from friends who went last time, I have heard that people were not allowed to bring their own food (not even snacks?), and that the bar was poorly managed.



Great food and nice atmosphere! A good selection of drinks —coffee, juices, wine and teas - I especially love the lemongrass tea, and lots of tasty dishes, such as lentil+tempeh+quinoa curry and the beets/tuna sashimi bowls. Lots of vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options. highly recommended!!


I have been here several times over the last two years. High quality, authentic Italian taste. Portions could be bigger, but prices are fair, considering they use imported ingredients. I definitely recommend pizzas, desserts, lamb and steaks.