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Forums > Living in Kunming > Some nice foreigners at Salvador's, but problem

I often sit at Sals chilling, reading a book or talking to friends,often after a long day at work. It has happened many times to me that somebody comes up, interrupts the conversation randomly to ask " can I have a chat with you?" or "can you practice English for a bit with my daughter?" . well, NO. I think it's annoying, selfish and certainly not polite.

My advice: try to find a language partner-look in the GoKunming classified section, or, if you are at a Cafe', try to find someone who is sitting alone, possibly looking around and who's not doing anything other that hanging out at the bar.


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If visiting only one country in the Schengen space, you should apply to the embassy/visa centre of that country. If visiting several Schengen countries, you should apply to the embassy/visa centre of whichever country is your 'main destination' - the country in which you plan to spend the most time during your trip, regardless of which flight you take.

I have never been and I am curious about it, do you know when the next one will be organised?

Also, from friends who went last time, I have heard that people were not allowed to bring their own food (not even snacks?), and that the bar was poorly managed.



Lost Garden has recently been renovated and now features a cafè/restaurant and new management. Great cozy atmosphere, just around the corner from Green Lake, lovely terrace on the third floor with lots of sun in the afternoon and the best brunch in town. We tried the breakfast skillets - very generous portions and the food is prepared using fresh local ingredients. Coffee was great and the drinks menu includes mimosas and bloody mary. Not to be missed!


Great food and nice atmosphere! A good selection of drinks —coffee, juices, wine and teas - I especially love the lemongrass tea, and lots of tasty dishes, such as lentil+tempeh+quinoa curry and the beets/tuna sashimi bowls. Lots of vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options. highly recommended!!


I have been here several times over the last two years. High quality, authentic Italian taste. Portions could be bigger, but prices are fair, considering they use imported ingredients. I definitely recommend pizzas, desserts, lamb and steaks.