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express courier service to Hong Kong

mamadavid (16 posts) • 0

Can anyone recommend a company to take some documents to Hong Kong for me? I see there are several — DHL Sinotrans, FedEX and some local companies. Which is best in terms of reliability, speed of delivery, cost ...? Thanks.

DanTheMan (602 posts) • 0

S.F. Express (顺风速晕) will likely offer a good balance of cost and speed. Very reliable for mainland China, not sure how they are with Hong Kong.

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

I've used SF in mainland China. Very efficient. For a 40kg box from Hebei to Kunming it cost 200RMB and 3 days. That was during the recent flooding here. Aparently it would of been faster but they couldnt put it on the plane as I had a lap top battery and my Xbox in there.

aiyaryarr (122 posts) • 0

I've used SF Express to move some personal belongings (i.e., paperwork & clothes) from HK to Kunming and also from Kunming to HK. The service is quick and good. The cost is according to weight and I think is very reasonable. Because of Customs regulations, a strict requirement in both HK & KM is you must "not seal" the package(s) or box(es). The pick up guy will first check the content(s) then seal it/them. You can elect to pay cash in KM or C.O.D. in HK.

The outer surfaces of my sturdy corrugated boxes from HK arrived KM via Shanghai totally out of shape & very dirty. The outer surfaces of my extra sturdy corrugated boxes from KM arrived HK via Shenzhen slightly out of shape but still very dirty.

I have also received a document package sent from HK to HK and it was just as efficient, but clean. The HK pick up & delivery crews seem more professional.

The SF Express toll-free number in China is 400-8111111 and you can select to speak to an English speaking agent to arrange for pick up in KM. Please note the pick up guy(s) do not speak English.

It's a good idea to ask all the questions (when you have the chance to do so in English) when you call the toll-free number. One caution is talking to a different English language customer service agent on different calls may yield slightly different answers.

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