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Running in Lijiang

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A "520" (我爱你) running/jogging venue is being held today at Zhongji Hai, to the west of Lijiang stadium of Gucheng district.

Zhongji (中济) is an enormous 173 acres (1050 mu) newly erected park connecting both north and south Zhongji resovoirs. It touts a spacious jogging/biking path that meander continuously for over 4km in an infinity shaped loop. The lap encompasses not only green and lake spaces with backdrop of the gorgeous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, but all state of the art facilities Zhongji park offers for the public free of charge; skate park for skateboarders and even a dirt obstacle course mound for bicycles like those seen in the Summer Olympics. A 15 to 20-meter rock climbing wall, a small croquet field, soccer field, tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, modern playgrounds for kids, plethora of wooden plank bridges, walking trails, viewing decks and seating areas. Even a spanking new Olympic size pool swimming facility across the street to the East.

The Lijiang city government splurged on this one.

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@trice Yes, Zhongji Hai (中济海) is conveniently situated in residential areas. South of Shuhe residential district and northwest of Gucheng district.

The ~3 meters wide running surface seems to be made of impact-resistant, synthetic material. Probably a combination of polyurethane, rubber, and granule particles. Feet-friendly yet durability to withstand outdoor elements of UV and rain.

For this reason, the windy paths of wood panels are made of PVC or wood-plastic composite material.

This sports activity park is a safe and quiet place to run without passing motorists or traffic stops.

Nice to see locals of all ages already putting this oasis to good use... taking strolls or indulging in picnics over soft grass under tall conifer tree shades.

Although hip, including a BMX dirt track for motocross fans next to the skatepark may be overkill.

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