Come to As You Like for a slice of Old Kunming charm in an 80 year old family house.

A few minutes walk from Wenhua Xiang and Yunnan Da Xue, Jia Jia and the girls serve up delicious vegetarian food in one of the most relaxing locations in the area.

Pizzas, salads, and home baked treats. liqueur chocolates, unsweetened yoghurt, and the only fresh muesli in town.

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  • NameAs You Like
  • Address5 Tianjundian Xiang, Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65411715
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As You Like • 5 Tianjundian Xiang, Wenlin Jie

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Great pizzas in an interesting, quaint old building. The pizzas really have a fresh, hand-made feel to them. Drinks and salads really nice too!


I have been there after a while and I am actually disappointed by the waitresses' attitude.
When we arrived we were carrying a bag with a few packs of biscuits we just bought.
Before any greeting (not even a nihao or a smile) the waitress warned us that if we dared to eat those biscuits there, we had to pay an extra 100 yuan (!!).
I kindly asked if they had bread and got a very cold "mei you" (without even looking at us) as an answer, without explaining whether the bread was temporary unavailable (sold out) or something else (like they don't bake it anymore).
Then, when we were ready to order, she got pissed off and left us because she had to wait more than thirty seconds while we were checking the menu.
At that point we just left, and I doubt I will ever return there.
And that is a pity since I remember the food was simple but good and the place is cozy.
Sometimes you go to a restaurant and you get the feeling that, choosing to have your dinner there, you are actually bothering the staff.
This was the case!


That's true the place is nice, pizzas are good, but not for meat lovers. The problem is the staff and the bosses, so pretentious, they should call their place "as WE like": they open whenever they want, they close whenever they want, they smile whenever they want, they are friendly whenever they want... They almost always sulk, whatever you ask..! Sooooo boring!


Very quaint little restaurant in a house in a small alleyway just past Paul's shop.

Pizza was good and reasonably priced with real cheese, however no sauce on the pizza whatsoever, I think this is common in China though.


Though overpriced, the bread is good and the pizza not bad (though a bit small). However, this place score tons of points for the great and cozy atmosphere, it's absolutely worth repated visits.