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You will probably need a Chinese credit card to make the deposit. I usually buy the insurance when using zuche. Never heard about the 20% payoff if you lose the car. Maybe that's if you don't buy the insurance? Besides they can track the car on GPS remotely and can even shut some of them down remotely as well so I doubt that's an issue.

Forums > Living in Kunming > ELECTRONIC MUSIC in KUNMING?

There is a party on friday at Laba that should have some of what you're looking for. Djs kris and martin both have some pretty good electronic music like house/tech stuff as well as other genres. I would say that there aren't currently places in kunming that can always be reliable for having a certain kind of music (except for the crap in kundu) I know in beijing and shanghai you can go to the hip hop bar or the techno bar and you can pretty much be sure of what will be playing there. Not so much here, just flashes in the pan from time to time.


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No, the new Australian place does not 'suck' because they didn't win the award, but they didn't get as many votes as another place so they didn't win. Not that complicated. All of the places that were nominated are definitely good places but not everyone can win, right? Might be because one place has more friends than another but that is how voting works. All of the nominated places are great and deserve our patronage, and several good places weren't nominated by their peers, so what about them? Don't worry so much about trivial affairs. Just support the places you like and they will do well.

Uh, I have spent many evenings at both places and I prefer O'Reilly's to moondog, and I don't think I'm alone. I think you are projecting your own opinion.



Great pizzas in an interesting, quaint old building. The pizzas really have a fresh, hand-made feel to them. Drinks and salads really nice too!