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Renting Car & Motorbike

swopat (11 posts) • 0


anyone got recent experience in renting motorised vehicles in Kunming?

I'm in possession of a Chinese driver license.

I would be looking for renting a car for a week and later in the year a motorbike for a longer time.

Does anyone know a place to got?


lemon lover (920 posts) • -1

OK rather off topic but, Zuche runs lots of advertisements on the screen next to my elevator. These are probably the most irritating advertisements I have ever seen. So irritating that I will never rent a car from them.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • -1

Think yourself lucky. At least the screen's not in your elevator.

lemon lover (920 posts) • -2

Funny that you mention that. The screen that was inside the elevator was replaced by another one from the same company that runs the screen outside. So probably soon we have the irritating Zuche advertisements on the inside as well.

The screen fixture that was inside has now moved to the outside so soon we probably have two screens now on the outside. Wander if they both will have sound as well (The existing one does).
Next step is probably screens at the different landings as well.
Wander if anybody sold any more stuff because of these screens, people don’t have time to look at them because they are too busy looking at their smart phones.

stomplebot (3 posts) • +2

You will probably need a Chinese credit card to make the deposit. I usually buy the insurance when using zuche. Never heard about the 20% payoff if you lose the car. Maybe that's if you don't buy the insurance? Besides they can track the car on GPS remotely and can even shut some of them down remotely as well so I doubt that's an issue.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • -1

20% probly in the small print which most people dont read. insurance in china is not the same as other countries. possibly pretty low cover, if you kill someone they might only pay thr first 100k then you pays. cheep gps tracker easy to overcome especially if car is not reported for 24hrs. remote shutdown, yeh maybe as an extra when you buy high end motor. zuche usually base models of cheap brands. probly dont even have gps nav let alone gps tracker

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