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AntoNomad (16 posts) • 0

I've been going out a lot in Kunming, and music that is played in bars/clubs is horrible. Absolutely frustrating for a clubber who went to all major techno/house/tech house/minimal/progressive/drum'n'bass/electronic music festivals worldwide. So, does anyone know about some club/bar/whatever in Kunming or Yunnan that plays some serious electro music?

stomplebot (3 posts) • 0

There is a party on friday at Laba that should have some of what you're looking for. Djs kris and martin both have some pretty good electronic music like house/tech stuff as well as other genres. I would say that there aren't currently places in kunming that can always be reliable for having a certain kind of music (except for the crap in kundu) I know in beijing and shanghai you can go to the hip hop bar or the techno bar and you can pretty much be sure of what will be playing there. Not so much here, just flashes in the pan from time to time.

middleWave (1 post) • 0

hi nomad,

i feel your pain. much the same here in shenzhen, but there are some good nights now and then.

also, not exactly "electronic" but im coming to kunming this weekend to play old school hip hop and drum & bass (ragga + liquid) at camel bar. really excited to check out your city and scene!


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