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Forums > Travel Yunnan > How to get to Fuxian lake?

I've been to the lake before but I remember it was a nightmare getting there by bus (3 of them to be precise). Is the only way to get there by bus is through the Southern bus station and from there to Jianchuan?
Is it better to get to Yuxi first and then take a bus there? are there still trains going to Yuxi? how slow are they?
I wish there was a direct bus going there from Xiaoximen or somewhere in the city center, it would solve a lot of mafan...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Three Years

And we are continually amazed by the bosses hard work, sincerity and kindness too!
Kunming wouldn't be the same without Salvador's. Thank you guys and Merry Xmas :)


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One of my favorite restaurants. Delicious food, cheap and smoking is not allowed there, what more can you ask for?


I just had an amazing dinner there, maybe one of the best ones I had in Kunming so far!


Has great food and coffee, the nicest staff and best value for money!