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There are plenty of choices. Salvador's on Wenhua Xiang near Wenlin Jie (green lake area) is a great place to eat/drink and socialize.
There are other coffee shops on Wenlin Jie that would do too (French cafe, Vintage).
If you want a real bar though then you have the Chapter1 (on the same street) or Moondog bar, 1895 bar or The Mask in Kundu area. Those places are best to go to on weekends though.

Check the events on this websites for interesting nights held.

Welcome :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa extensions/changes

Thanks tigertiger!
Does anyone know which bus goes the the visa place on Beijing Lu?
In order to apply for a new tourist visa, besides passport and passport photo, do I need to bring anything else?


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One of my favorite restaurants. Delicious food, cheap and smoking is not allowed there, what more can you ask for?


I just had an amazing dinner there, maybe one of the best ones I had in Kunming so far!


Has great food and coffee, the nicest staff and best value for money!