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DrConn (2 posts) • +1

New in town. Wondering if there any board game groups or geeks looking to have some games. Also, could use some friends.
Feel free to add
Wechat : aiqin35

hehehe (27 posts) • +1

We play Settler and Risk quite often. Other board games are welcomed as well of course.

Not much of a chess player, but I enjoy Go at any day of the week. Just hit me up if you're free.

gingersinsamac (37 posts) • 0

OK. I'm trying to learn Chess. I am getting clobbered online. I haven't heard of Settler. Do you know euchre...and yes, I'm from the Midwest.

CindyLi (36 posts) • 0

Do you play Mahjong? Or Chinese Chess? You may find many regular opponents at public parks.

No D&D going on here.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • +1

Yes, regular opponents who have been playing for years, are expert, play for money, and will clean out my wallet in an afternoon, showing no mercy ;-)

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