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Forums > Living in Kunming > Recent incident

Anecdotal incident, no?

For every one hate-filled incident, nine would come to the aid of Gerry and his Caucasian friend had they fell off their bike.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a part time job any tips ?

LOL. Getting a bit awkward. Maybe Peter swings that way, which is totally okay. Not judging.

@Sikmehar, Welcome to China. Pakistani people are friends of China. I know there are quite a few medical students from Pakistan studying in Kunming. At least 10 that I know of.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Board games

@tigertiger: "Yes, regular opponents who have been playing for years, are expert, play for money, and will clean out my wallet in an afternoon, showing no mercy ;-)"

Huhu got hu-ed.


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From purportedly being driven off by @dolphin, to driving this asylum school bus. Vera is now in the driver's seat, to the chant of "are we there yet?"

As it turns out, Patrick was the one driven crazy. and away,

The overabundance of duties for his editorial position (now Vera's) to also moderate posts and spams may have had taken their toll. And probably to a greater extent with Vera's extra event planning/coordination job descriptions.

So CloudBridge management team, don't get cheap on us. Hire more staff such as full time mods to handle the humdrum forums. Also, one more thing, don't skimp on the company farewell party bash for our man.

Thank you Patty (flipper) for imparting ins & outs of our little town for nearly 8 years. Your work on South of the Clouds will remain in the cloud indefinitely.

May your next journey with Sarah take you beyond the clouds to new horizons. Farewell, and be well.


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