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Forums > Living in Kunming > New Coronavirus

Call for Transparency.

Today, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasized that "epidemic updates and containment information should be disclosed in an open, transparent, timely and accurate way. Partial disclosures or cover-ups will not be allowed."


Forums > Living in Kunming > Space Launch Viewing Party

For Kunmingers interested in watching the live broadcast of China's Long March-5 Y3 heavy lift rockets launch from Hainan's Wenchang Space Launch Center, here are the live streaming links:




(for qq, there's no need to sign in, just close the sign-in popup box to watch)

If weather permits, the launch window is between 20:30 to 24:40. At this very moment, correspondences are at the scene providing pre-launch live coverage with experts.

If the redesigned Long March-5 rockets, which are touted as the biggest active rockets in the world hence the nickname Fat Five (胖五), prove successful, they will be used for next summer's mission to Mars in the deployment of China's first Mars lander. And a space station the following year in 2021.

Fingers are crossed as previous versions of Long March rockets failed in 2017. The Chinese People, particularly the CNSA (China National Space Administration), wish tonight's launch a flawless success. Good luck Fat Five!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Panlong River Cruise Returns

The fare is steep for crowd control purposes due to manpower deficit and limited vessel capacity. Quite a few curious onlookers by the dock. Best avoid overcrowding pushing and shoving at the queue during week of launching ceremony. The helmsmen and personnel need more familiarity navigating over shallow waters and under low bridges. The extra weight and confusion at this early trial juncture are safety risks for all.

Embarkation coordinates:

25°02'50.2"N 102°42'58.9"E

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Panlong River Cruise Returns

Paris has Seine River cruises, London has Thames River cruises, now Kunming has their own!

After several decades of suspension, the Kunming government has finally reinstated the Panlong River ferry cruise to the public.

The restoration of this river route is officially known as "Kunming Panlong Jiang 2019-12-26 Hui Fu Hang Yun" (昆明盘龙江2019/12/26恢复航运). The maiden voyage is opened for five celebratory trial runs daily, from 9:30-10:30, 10:50-11:50, 13:00-14:00, 14:20-15:20, 15:40-16:40.

Upgraded to an electric powered ferry (her name 云津1)is surrounded with transparent glass to the ceiling, and comfortably seats around 25 passengers. Yun Jin Yi Hao's low elevation design allows under the bridge crossings. For the time being, the ferry travels smoothly up and down a small section of Panlong River to the tune of 5km distance.

The boarding ticket costs 50yuan per pax. Pricey, yes, but just for today, a commemorative gift box is included in the fee to celebrate this historic occasion.

Port Location:
Panlong River and Doufuchang Alley (豆腐厂巷), just west of Moma mansion.

GPS 25°02'50.2"N 102°42'58.9"E


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From purportedly being driven off by @dolphin, to driving this asylum school bus. Vera is now in the driver's seat, to the chant of "are we there yet?"

As it turns out, Patrick was the one driven crazy. and away,

The overabundance of duties for his editorial position (now Vera's) to also moderate posts and spams may have had taken their toll. And probably to a greater extent with Vera's extra event planning/coordination job descriptions.

So CloudBridge management team, don't get cheap on us. Hire more staff such as full time mods to handle the humdrum forums. Also, one more thing, don't skimp on the company farewell party bash for our man.

Thank you Patty (flipper) for imparting ins & outs of our little town for nearly 8 years. Your work on South of the Clouds will remain in the cloud indefinitely.

May your next journey with Sarah take you beyond the clouds to new horizons. Farewell, and be well.


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