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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Who knows a Tibetan trekking guide named 'Aluo'?

Yeah, sorry about that. I found his information about 15 minutes after I posted this.

I've heard that it may be do-able, but I guess I'll leave it up to Aluo to make the final call. Apparently, it is the Tibetan New Year right now, so he is visiting family and won't be able to respond for a few more days.

If there is too much snow, do you have any other recommendations for similar treks in the Nujiang region?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Who knows a Tibetan trekking guide named 'Aluo'?


I am currently planning a trek for me and my classmates during spring break (April 5-13). I've read all over the internet about people having excellent experiences with a guide named 'Aluo'. I can't, however, find any way to contact him. Does anyone have his email address, website, etc?

If anyone is interested, we are looking at the trek in the Nujiang valley from Dimaluo to Cizhong. If anyone has any comments on this route, or any other suggestions for treks in the Nujiang region, please feel free to leave them here.



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I had a so-so experience at this hospital. It was an emergency appendectomy surgery, which they very graciously performed at 3 in the morning. I am extremely grateful for that. Here are the pros and cons of this place:

1) Very clean, private rooms
2) Very few patients
3) Very modern medical technology
4) Allowing guests to stay the night for free

1) To sum it up, terrible service! Most of the nurses are quite friendly, but they provide bad service. This is my experience with any service in China — they just refuse to listen to anything you say. They refused to give me pain medicine for the first 36 hours after the surgery until finally I had a friend come and force them to listen to my demands (I called my doctor in the U.S. and he couldn't believe this). If I say I'm uncomfortable and in pain, it is NOT up to the nurse to decide whether or not I'm uncomfortable! There were even a few nurses that basically told me to "man up". Very unprofessional.

2) It is extremely noisy. They had construction going on in the wing next to me my entire stay.

3) They just need to be more sensitive and gentle. A doctor came and felt my abdomen where my appendix had been taken out and when she touched it, I had a very obvious painful reaction to it. She then proceeded to press down on it 4 more times. This is just one of many similar examples.

Summary: The hospital can perform an excellent surgery, but they need to understand the recovery practices of western medicine much better.