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Who knows a Tibetan trekking guide named 'Aluo'?

Matthias (2 posts) • 0


I am currently planning a trek for me and my classmates during spring break (April 5-13). I've read all over the internet about people having excellent experiences with a guide named 'Aluo'. I can't, however, find any way to contact him. Does anyone have his email address, website, etc?

If anyone is interested, we are looking at the trek in the Nujiang valley from Dimaluo to Cizhong. If anyone has any comments on this route, or any other suggestions for treks in the Nujiang region, please feel free to leave them here.


topcat (2 posts) • 0

His email is aluo_luosang@hotmail.com
I have done the trek a number of times, and left Dimaluo last week. I am doubtful that you will be able to trek the route in April as I think there will still be a ton of snow. However, Aluo will be able to give you a correct answer.
I am interested that you couldn't find any information about Aluo though. A just did a simple google search for "Dimaluo" and there are a host of entries with a tripadvisor entry (2nd listing) describing the trek and an angelfire site (6th entry) that contains his email address?

Matthias (2 posts) • 0

Yeah, sorry about that. I found his information about 15 minutes after I posted this.

I've heard that it may be do-able, but I guess I'll leave it up to Aluo to make the final call. Apparently, it is the Tibetan New Year right now, so he is visiting family and won't be able to respond for a few more days.

If there is too much snow, do you have any other recommendations for similar treks in the Nujiang region?

The Mike (19 posts) • 0

I did that Dimaluo -> Lancang River hike in October with Aluo's company. I think if its too much snow for that hike, it might be too much snow for any hike.

That being said, there is one where you walk north out of Bingzhongluo town and you follow (what turns into) a pretty bad and lightly trafficked road. It goes all the way into Tibet. It'll be snowbound, but at least it'll be wide enough so you won't get lost. Guide is probably not required either.

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