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Owning a large dog in kunming

WayoftheSun (52 posts) • 0

Hello all,

I see no recent posts about owning dogs in kunming so I thought I'd post asking for an update since the new ban on many large breed dogs was put in place. From my understanding, it has not been enforced unless the dog is causing problems or attacking people. Is this accurate? I have a lab and shepherd mix I plan to bring there. I lived in kunming for two years and my experience was that the city is very dog friendly, but its been 6 years since I was there. I plan to muzzle both my dogs and keep them on short leads just in case. I also heard that parks are no longer as friendly for dog walkers, where are some good areas for dog owners? Is wenlinjie/green lake still a good spot? Lastly, what are some owners experiences in terms of having large dogs in apartments? Mine are well behaved and lazy but they haven't lived in an apartment since they were puppies.

Any info is appreciated! Thank you <3

AlPage48 (1392 posts) • 0

Our neighbor has a Lab and there are quite a few goldens, shepherds and huskies in the community.

Generally speaking nobody pays attention to them, with the exception of the one aggressive Australian Shepherd.

The same was true in our previous community.
There does not appear to be any enforcement, but this is Kunming and things can change in a minute.

DanTheMan (619 posts) • +1

Dogs are not allowed inside of most parks. As far as I know, it's not a problem as long as your dog is on a leash and doesn't act aggressively toward anyone. Still, your best bet might be to find a big xiaoqu with nice landscaping and plenty of room for walking.

JanJal (1235 posts) • 0

About your plan to muzzle the dogs... while no doubt safer, I suspect that it only makes them look scarier than they are without, and brings more attention.

WayoftheSun (52 posts) • 0

my dogs are not aggressive so no worries there! Theyre just very large and my younger dog still jumps sometimes because he loves people. He's almost fixed that issue though. I'm glad to hear no one really cares about dogs much, thats how it was when I lived there and I'd hoped it hadn't changed. If dogs aren't allowed in parks, where do people take their dogs to play? I'm not sure walking them on the street where theyre not able to be around any green/areas to play would be the best thing for them. Also whats a xiaoqu? I just rented apartments while living there before but I'm curious about living spaces that are better fit for dogs. I don't remember seeing any houses or apartments with outdoor access.

JanJal (1235 posts) • +1

"xiaoqu" is usually a complex of 1-5 residential houses within a single gated community. Typically these are high-rise houses, so quite a lot of people live in one, and in newer developments these also service the residents with decent outdoor area within the community - in addition to actual parks nearby.

For example our place has 4 high-rise residential houses within the xiaoqu, and between the 4 houses there is a quite large landscaped area with trees, sitting places, children's playground, and even a kind of running/walking track.

I often see dog-owners taking their poodles out to this area instead of ever going out of the main gates to the street. Incidentally one of the street-facing shops in back of this xiaoqu is some kind of pet shop or grooming shop - the owners have at least one big dog themselves.

WayoftheSun (52 posts) • 0

Thank you Janjal! Are those affordable to live in? They sound expensive even though thats probably the exact sort of setting that would be best for my animals.

JanJal (1235 posts) • +1

We rent our 3 bedroom apartment at roughly 2500 a month, in northern Kunming. I suspect that place like this might be more difficult to find in the very inner city.

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