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Yeh the place is less attractive to sinophiles now, not much of old China left in the city. Also I think 2018 was a game changer for many. Lots of lifers were forced to leave as no visas were being offered for maybe 6 months before Olympic games. Maybe a lot of these lifers never returned. This would be true across China but places like Kunming probably had a larger proportion of lifers.

Forums > Food & Drink > Memories of Moondog

My guess would be that the land is owned by government and was allocated for the military to use. The land was abused by local military leaders by building and setting up business on it. Maybe the main business was as landlord. Those days have come to an end, the buildings are now a liability and are being pulled down if they cannot be repurposed for official use.


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They have been around for about 3 weeks now. They would manage even if people didn't feed them, they are scavengers and survive the rest of the year without human input. I also doubt that they only visit Kunming.

There is a danger of conflating the legal trade in wildlife, with the illegal trade in wildlife. Most of the animals traded are not endangered species.



Beer, 5 stars. A genuine German beer process, and a very drinkable product.

Food, 1 star. As a previous reviewer noted, autobahn rest stop type food. A very limited menu of lackluster choices. You would get more choice at a street corner schnell imbis in Germany.
The mushroom pizza (choice of one pizza) was OK but very small for the price. The sausage was not hot. Meat products should not be served luke warm, even if they are factory cooked like a Bratwurst.

I would go back for the beer, but would not take anyone there for the food.