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S-2 visas are over

12345 (107 posts) • +1

psb now check flight availability, so that reason is no longer accepted.

said they might accept something from like your embassy or government, proving that covid is seriously raging in your country. and they said it's been like this all this month, so it's strange nobody posted about it here. i thought there was a bunch of guys on s2.

student visas are supposedly dead until at least national holiday (october), work visas drying up, not to mention the new regulation basically outlawing cram schools, plus some additional regulations restricting hiring of foreigners by educational companies.

all this even reported by international media because of the stock market fallout.

also, re: the flight situation alexkmg mentioned. checked flights from china on expedia and qunar, like $3k. from hong kong, $400. go figure.

any visa ideas?
are universities still able to provide a student visa? the private schools have had to use universities as the applicant, but even that seemed to have come to an end in the spring.

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

As for student visas, I checked with Keats and Tenwest. They both said it's not possible right now. In Keats case, they stopped doing in country student visas. In Tenwest case, the university they are associated enrollement deadline for the semester has passed. I called another school which said some kind of online teaching student visa could be availble but it seemed more like a scam.

Work permits are still available. But of course you need to find a Chinese company willing to hire you through the Foreign Expert program.

Investment visas are still possible, but the expense is in the ten of thousands of rmb.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

Who said none of this reported because of 'stock market fallout'. As far as I am aware the media is focused on fall out from the Jan 6th investigations, attempts to subvert the DoJ, oh and R politicians stopping people from working towards protecting people from Covid.

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

Flight availability to Toronto or Vancouver (from Kunming) booked on Ctrip is the worst ever.

They have everything being routed via Europe.

One flight goes Kunming/Guangzhou/Seoul/Amsterdam/Vancouver, while another is Kunming/Baoshan/Shanghai/Paris/Toronto.

I tried looking at Air Canada from Shanghai and Beijing and found everything was over 20,000 RMB, with one day over 67,000 for premium economy.

Cheapest route was from Shanghai via Hong Kong at less than 7,000, so that somehow implies that the Canadian airline is being charged a huge premium for landing privileges.

duke is me (64 posts) • +1

Go ahead and laugh, @AlPage48, but being deported for a visa overstay has its perks: the police book your flight to whichever city you choose, handle your luggage & transport to your exiting city, and pick up the tab for everything.. A very friendly experience..

The only drawback is not being able to return for 3 years; a nice break.

Good luck !

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

I can assure you I'm not laughing.

Having the police pick up the tab sounds great, but not being able to return is something my wife might object to.

Also, since the rules change here at the drop of a hat that free exit could easily change.

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