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Forums > Living in Kunming > S-2 visas are over

psb now check flight availability, so that reason is no longer accepted.

said they might accept something from like your embassy or government, proving that covid is seriously raging in your country. and they said it's been like this all this month, so it's strange nobody posted about it here. i thought there was a bunch of guys on s2.

student visas are supposedly dead until at least national holiday (october), work visas drying up, not to mention the new regulation basically outlawing cram schools, plus some additional regulations restricting hiring of foreigners by educational companies.

all this even reported by international media because of the stock market fallout.

also, re: the flight situation alexkmg mentioned. checked flights from china on expedia and qunar, like $3k. from hong kong, $400. go figure.

any visa ideas?
are universities still able to provide a student visa? the private schools have had to use universities as the applicant, but even that seemed to have come to an end in the spring.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Second Vaccine time!

anybody been able to get it a day earlier? my date on form says tomorrow, but today would be great. called them, they said no, but they were pretty relaxed last time around...

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

Never went to Yan'an, just called, probably going there would have been as painless as Calmette. Speaking of which, don't know how microscopic the needle is, couldn't feel anything at all. A bit of muscle soreness a few hours later, now basically gone. They said to not shower for 48 hours. Looked it up, seems because hot water might increase the muscle soreness. And CDC or somebody like that saying the opposite, that shower might also actually alleviate it. Nedless to say I'm not going without shower in this weather.


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