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KCEL told me 4100 USD/year.

Keats, according to their helpful “my investment my future” website calculator, for a year: USD 32,760. Discounted from 33,800.
Includes room and board. No food on the weekends.
Or you could go to USC-LA for that money.
Grad school.
But that ain’t investing in your future.
Old-timers will remember 3000/semester for weekend class visa as recently as 2016 I think.
RMB, not USD.

University thru KCEL, or by yourself, is 10-12k RMB/year.
But you have to live in school, presumably do all like students; classes, tests, etc.
Under supervision.
Seems TenWest, Robert’s/Mei’s went under.
Don’t know if I’m missing anybody.

The famed FBT HongKong visa agency, that used used to provide one-year M business visas (have to leave every few months), can anymore only do 2x30-days for non-HK residents.

That’s all I got so far for study/business.

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