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Extra Baggage Fees Domestic

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

Anyone have knowledge of how much an extra suitcase of 20kg costs to check in with domestic airlines?

michael2015 (774 posts) • +2

1.5% of the full fare ticket price for domestic flights. But your mileage may vary.


For the record - we just ship extra luggage using any of the delivery companies. SFO if you want higher quality delivery service (aka not kicked and bounced around by gorillas). For clothes - they'll bring one of those ugly green fibrous bags over. If it's breakable or fragile (not glassware) we'll wrap it in bubble wrap, then again in a comforter or towels and clothes, then into Santa's ugly green but surprisingly resilient fiber bag. Cost is typically around any CNY 100-200 for 10-20 kg. Forgot the pricing scale but most of the shipping agents are roughly the same, SFO being somewhat pricier - but infinitely cheaper than shipping by airline...although if you ship say a guitar - you should expect it to arrive in pieces.

If you're not in a particular rush - you can also ship things via China rail - but they're more expensive than the competitive gorilla shipping agents - but great when you need to move a shipping container of possessions.

Be aware because of various lockdowns, shipping services may be somewhat intermittent.

michael2015 (774 posts) • 0

On the WeChat app - there's an app (in the app listings?) for an agent which lists SFO and two others - we use the others for shipping soft non-breakable goods such as clothes, pots & pans, etc. I'm sure both WeChat and alipay have several other shipping companies' apps, such as:

Yunda (not the university)

etc etc etc - these are the same companies that are used to ship goods sold on taobao, jd, etc.

We use the app to have a guy come pick up whatever we need to ship (be reasonable - they're a courier service and the guy is usually on an e-bike). We also have them deliver those green Santa Claus bags (dunno what they're called - but they're quite sturdy and resilient).

He'll walk you through how to use the app (in chinese) and carries a small hand scale that can go up to maybe 20kg or more.

As for shipping rates - dunno these days...but they charge by kg.

BoJoke (34 posts) • +1

Caution against another low cost courier service in Best Express (百世). At least in Kunming, Best Express stations have been in financial troubles such that their deliverymen are owed months of salary. Their couriers have been on strike lately, complaining that on top of unpaid wages, they are only paid a pittance (e.g. 0.8 yuan per delivery of heavy over-sized items).

Large size packages of Best Express have been held hostage, so to speak. Logistics bottlenecks have incurred resulting in numerous complaints by customers in town. Best stay away from them for the time being. Yunda is another low-cost shipment service ecommerce often use.

12345 (106 posts) • 0

thanks, michael.

i believe baishi is mayun's another attempt to bezos his way into monopoly on everything, hard to believe it came to this...

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