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False alarm. @tigertiger hasn't returned yet. But somebody inform him Peter99 has been banished, as per his recommendation. Litter box has been shaken up.

Forums > Food & Drink > Best Pizza in Kunming

hermit, do you add cherry tomatoes and/or tomato puree to yours at Casa dell'eremita (aka House of Hermit in Italian)?

Chinese use brick ovens for Peking roast ducks, not pizzas. Here in Kunming, baked breakfast pizza rolled up like burritos are sold as erkuai. lol

imho, the "best" pizzas are not baked in electric ovens, but in a wood fired masonry oven.

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@dolphin, not putting all your eggs (comments) in one basket is the cleverest move you've ever made in downvote deterrence.

Next time, try one sentence per post.


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