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Rockslide at Xishan Mountain

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About a week ago a rockslide came down from Xishan Mountain and blocked the motorway at the bottom. Several cars were hid. After this event this motorway stretch (Kunming to Haikou), and the small road next to it, were closed.

So if you are planning to cycle around the lake or around Xishan Mountain make sure the road is open again.

Given the rather permanent nature of the barriers at the motorway this might take a while.
The road on the other side of Xishan Mountain (the one passing the Dwarves Kingdom/Empire) is open but in rather bad condition.

Rumours have it that the closure is to stop the elephants from reaching Kunming. But these are just rumours ;-)

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The road is open again. Mind you now that area is completely blocked by holiday traffic. One way traffic across the dam this afternoon (From east to west allowed). I don’t know if they let cyclers through in both directions.

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Highway toll fees for passenger vehicles have been waived during Golden Week. Drivers could save hundreds in Yunnan alone. Saving well over a grand driving inter-provinces. Cars were in queue near toll stations on the night of September 30th waiting to capitalize on savings. For many working families, these long holidays are one of the few opportunities they could synchronize family trips. Furthermore, park attractions have also lifted admissions, such as those in Dali.

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There is now road information posted on the Xishan side of the dam across the lake to Haigeng Daba.

It states:
From November till March (During the Seagull season) and on public holidays the road will be one way traffic between 9:00 and 18:00. This applies to cars, not to bicycles.

To be clear: one can come across the dam by car from Haigeng Daba to Xishan but not back.

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