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Forums > Living in Kunming > How to ship a cellphone to America

Talked to DHL, the Shenzhen thing is not really available to individuals, just companies.
I'd already bought the phones, so I'll have to find some way. Where there's will...
Just called the post office, they said they won't even send it by sea.
I'll keep lookin'.

Forums > Living in Kunming > How to ship a cellphone to America

i think they might open it up before sending, plus there might be some law about misdeclaring package contents, but the sea route could work. perhaps the ban only applies to air. i'll try one try.

some lady in line wanted to send something liquid and they also turned it down, despite the fact that it had been shipped to her by the postal service and she was just returning it without opening. they said it'd been shipped against regulations.
needless to say all kuaidi companies happily ship liquids and batteries domestically all day long.

kinda reminds one of walmart stubbornly sticking to brick and mortar in the face of amazon.

there's some general brouhaha about batteries all of a sudden. in my xiaoqu they just posted notices about moped batteries burning at 1200 degrees in 30 seconds, and banning taking mopeds in the elevator (which i do a few times a day, as do a few people who followed suit because it saves the five-minute walk to parking). i think they even posted a guard downstairs with a walkie-talkie, in my honor. batteries are evil, apparently. but people in every single apartment smoking on their sofas and cooking on open flame with oil spray flying in every direction, totally fine.

i don't read the news; was there some battery-related disaster i'm not aware of recently?

Forums > Living in Kunming > How to ship a cellphone to America

DHL, Post and kuaidi companies won't touch it because of battery, saying customs won't let it through. I heard once somebody saying that there was a way to send a package to some agent in Shenzhen who'd presumably get it to HK overland, whence it could be airshipped.
Thank you


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