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of course taobao. i use a great company out of changsha, 125g model for 145rmb at lowest resolution. they're cooking a new one for me as i'm typing this. you can have it next day by shunfeng. their highest resolution is still not perfectly smooth, but you can of course find expensive and hi-end printshops on taobao as well.
the changsha company's girl's wechat id: Ruidu3d520 睿度科技为您提供一系列3D打印配套方案13637409559. she is very obliging, and great job every time.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Any gym where you can pay for one day?

Instead of at least quarterly prepay.
Or do they all know that people won't work out even after shelling out a 4000rmb deposit (like my friend who didn't go once the whole year), so they all run the big-money-upfront scam, just like back home:[...]

The power of human optimism. Millions of treadmills sitting in basements, collecting dust.


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