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Forums > Living in Kunming > Interesting things to see in Kunming?

I'm thinking along the lines of indigenous performances, dance, music, Beijing opera, etc.

Search on came up with two possible venues:

Baochenhao Shifu:

and Yunnan Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance Studio:

Located at the Loft, which may face demolition :

Any info on upcoming shows/website/past experiences?

Here's something from

Yunnan Impression
In the original songs and dances of Yi, Miao, Tibet, Dai, Bai, Va, and Hani people, the collapse of the original and simple songs and dances with the creative arts thoughts will give you a special "Yunnan Impression".
Performance Site: Kunming Conference Hall 
Performance Time: 8:00 pm every night. 
Ticket Fair: Promotion Ticket: 180 Yuan/Person; Common Ticket: 280 Yuan/Person; VIP Ticket: 380 Yuan/Person

Supposed to be good, but the price is too steep IMO.

Supposedly there's a weekend-evening minority-troupe performance at the Cuihu lake park.
Any idea about day/time/etc?

Wikitravel has only two entries for "Do in Kunming":

Kunming Art Theater, Dongfeng West Road (五华区东风西路; Wǔ huá qū Dōng fēng xī lù ) (Buses 10, 26, 52 and 82).

Kunming Theater (昆明剧院; Kūn míng jù yuàn ), 409 Qingnian Road (青年路409; Qīng nián lù ).

Only the latter is on Google Maps, and without phone number or website at that.
Any info on either of the two?

Is there anything else in town?
Anything non-typically Chinese, perhaps, Uyghur, Moslem-Chinese, etc?
Or something worth seeing, but not falling under the traditional/indigenous umbrella?
I heard they tape one of those American-Idol-style shows in Kunming sometime...



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