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Second Vaccine time!

bubblyian (102 posts) • 0

Just to remind everyone that your second vaccine jab is now due in the next few days depending on when you had the first jab.

livinginchina (230 posts) • 0

Just got my second shot. The process took less than 10 minutes. There were few foreigners this time and Chinese citizens were taking their shots as well at Calmette Hospital.

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

Do not miss your 2nd shot!

I just found out that the windows are once only for Kunming.

I missed my first shot and from the information I have gathered since is if you miss a window as a foreigner, you are screwed.

There is no other route to get a jab in Kunming jurisdiction and no for seeable plans to offer another round of windows for foreigners.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

Lets not forget at the moment there is an up tick in cases, travel restrictions, and drive to get vaccinated nationally due to the outbreaks of delta. I think the focus is on the local population. We may have to wait, but waiting doesnt mean we are screwed.

12345 (106 posts) • 0

anybody been able to get it a day earlier? my date on form says tomorrow, but today would be great. called them, they said no, but they were pretty relaxed last time around...

livinginchina (230 posts) • 0

The form was incorrect. The date for the second shot is today the 5th. They made an error on the date and had the 4th. They called everyone to inform them of the mistake. Get your second shot TODAY.

livinginchina (230 posts) • 0

Sorry to hear you couldn't get your shots. My health QR still hasn't changed to reflect that I received the vaccine. I asked and the guy said that perhaps this afternoon after 1:00 pm but he didn't seem sure to me. My advice is to take a picture of the forms showing you got vaccinated. Also take pictures or videos of you getting vaccinated as proof just in case.

AlPage48 (1373 posts) • 0

I wonder what happens for those of us who's health code is still tied to an old passport number while the vaccination will be on the new number.

There does not appear to be any way to change the passport number in the app.

AlPage48 (1373 posts) • 0

Yes, that's exactly what I've done.

It still irritates me that an app which is dependent on your id doesn't have the ability to update the id.

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