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Forums > Living in Kunming > Reform of for-profit education

My guess would be it is aimed at the tutors who specialize in zhongkao and gaokao testing, and other similar tests. Many of these tutors are local teachers who are earning a lot on the side by referrals from the schools.

It may not affect SAT, IELTS centers and cramming schools as these are not 'core subjects'. That is my thinking. The other thing is if local interpretation of the rules is going to happen.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Reform of for-profit education

I suppose it depends on what they define as tutoring in core education. If they mean coaching students to pass Chinese school compulsory exams and tests, then that will not affect many foreign teachers.

The stuff on pre-school teaching will affect a few though.

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

The temporary residence permit replaces the visa. Visa gets you into china then you need to apply for residence permit in 30 days. Temporary residence permits for work, student, etc. usually 12 months. These are issued by PSB entry and exit administration and stuck in your passport. Residence registration paperwork is from the local cop shop that deal with this in your area.
All the foreigners I know who had shots were teachers. They automatically had insurance with their job from the school. They all work for or are attached to a local chinese school.


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Some dogs have a reputation for being yappy. Some breeds are know to bite people. Some breeds have been documented as killing people, some breeds more than others. I once heard of a chihuauhau killing rottwieler, it stuck in his throat.

I am with lemon on this. There are good owners but in a culture where a dog is not mans best friend, there are more bad ones. There are also problem breeds and the good dogs get lumped in with the bad. As for the muzzle law, well laws don't mean much here.

They have been around for about 3 weeks now. They would manage even if people didn't feed them, they are scavengers and survive the rest of the year without human input. I also doubt that they only visit Kunming.



Beer, 5 stars. A genuine German beer process, and a very drinkable product.

Food, 1 star. As a previous reviewer noted, autobahn rest stop type food. A very limited menu of lackluster choices. You would get more choice at a street corner schnell imbis in Germany.
The mushroom pizza (choice of one pizza) was OK but very small for the price. The sausage was not hot. Meat products should not be served luke warm, even if they are factory cooked like a Bratwurst.

I would go back for the beer, but would not take anyone there for the food.