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Reform of for-profit education

livinginchina (220 posts) • 0

Most definitely. What is the incentive if they can't make a huge profit. I see a huge exodus of teachers out of China and to other countries. We shall see.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

I suppose it depends on what they define as tutoring in core education. If they mean coaching students to pass Chinese school compulsory exams and tests, then that will not affect many foreign teachers.

The stuff on pre-school teaching will affect a few though.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

My guess would be it is aimed at the tutors who specialize in zhongkao and gaokao testing, and other similar tests. Many of these tutors are local teachers who are earning a lot on the side by referrals from the schools.

It may not affect SAT, IELTS centers and cramming schools as these are not 'core subjects'. That is my thinking. The other thing is if local interpretation of the rules is going to happen.

JanJal (1221 posts) • 0

I expect all training centers who take in K-9 age students to make necessary arrangements to appear to be non profit - whatever that means in practice.

Subsequently, as someone wrote above, it removes the apples that are in it only for huge profits. In my view the profitability matters more in this evaluation than what are core subjects and what not.

Those failing such measurements would probably have their business licenses gradually revoked and/or not renewed.

If I read correctly, this does not yet have any impact on preschool/kindergarten teaching. But if the goal is truly to reduce study burden of kids, and save time and money of their parents, it won't be long until it extends to younger kids.

In that perspective, I see this as another approach to motivate families to make the second or third child.

JanJal (1221 posts) • 0

Oh, you are right it does mention preschool.

"What are the changes? [...] They [the reforms] concentrate on education in core subjects, or compulsory education, which refers to grades K-9, covering the ages of approximately 6-15 years."

"Other notable measures [...] On this note, tutoring centers cannot hold offline or online training for preschool students, including foreign language education".

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