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Kunming police tighten grip on city's dogs

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Kunming has recently changed its policies toward dogs, banning some and requiring registration and microchip implants for all the rest. Kunming resident Colin Flahive shares his experiences registering his dog Hei Hei with the Kunming police:

A few weeks ago, posters began popping up all over Kunming displaying about 30 different breeds of dog that are to be outlawed throughout the city. It is the first phase of a new brand of pet regulation and one of the local government's most recent directives aimed at improving the city's safety and efficiency.

Phase two of the plan requires all dog owners to register their dogs at local veterinary clinics. Knowing that our dog, Hei Hei, a French water dog called a Barbet, was not on the list of banned dogs, my girlfriend and I confidently brought him into the clinic last Sunday.

I was shocked to find that the clinic was run by uniformed police men and women, not the doctors who typically operate the place. They took one look at Hei Hei and said, "bu xing," that he was one of the banned dogs and that he would not be given a Kunming registration.

Simply pointing out the fact that Hei Hei was actually not one of the banned dogs got me nowhere. And just as I was beginning to lose my cool, one of the vets from the back room came up and pulled us aside.

He told us that we should stop talking to the police as they don't know anything about dogs, and sent us on a mission to print up a picture of a Barbet from the internet so that he could convince the police that he was in fact not one of the breeds that the local government now deemed too dangerous for Kunming.

That obstacle taken care of, we then completed the necessary paperwork to receive Hei Hei's registration, a little passport-looking booklet that keeps track of his information and immunizations. But that's not the end of the process. They had us bring Hei Hei into one of the smaller side rooms and told us to restrain him while they gave him some sort of shot. The doctor warned us that it would be painful as he waved the thick-needled syringe in front of my face.

67516358, Hei Hei's new registration code.

When registering your dog, be prepared for at least a two-hour process. Bring a photocopy of your identification and your apartment registration as well as 350 RMB. They also require separate color photos of both the dog and the owner. There is some paperwork to fill out, so I'd suggest going with two people.

The clinic is pretty chaotic these days, so it's best to have one person stay with the dog outside while the other goes inside to handle the documents. If you are wary of needles, it would be best to stay out of the room while your dog receives the microchip.

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Having to Register dogs is good. Banning some dogs is very good. Car drivers next?


Anyone have the list of banned dogs?

I'm bound to ask what affect it will have on dog meat restaurants?

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