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Muslim community in Kunming

THRmike (5 posts) • 0

Hello everybody!

Hope everybody here is doing great and greatly enjoying Kunming. I am planning to settle in Kunming in the near future with my family. We are Muslims and our family is very attached to our religion.

I was wondering whether anybody would know anything about Islamic schools in or around Kunming? - and we don't mind if they are not private schools, rather we prefer, that they are local (public or semi-public) schools (teaching Chinese language and aspects of Chinese culture).

Thank you all for the information - kindest regards to all!

Mildred (14 posts) • 0

If you cannot find one the Holy Koran can lead you. Plus Allah is always there. The last time I went to a Muslim restaurant in Kunming I got served baijiu.

tigertigerathome (170 posts) • +1

Looking at this article www.islam4theworld.net/[...] which is a few years old now, it suggests that there may be weekend schools run locally, but not full time faith schools.

This makes sense as there is so much focus on the college entrance exams, that every school level is geared to that end.

You might find that general inquiries, to mosque leaders, might be better done face to face when you arrive.

There are many Muslims in Kunming, and at least 5 mosques that I know of.

PM sent.

ja yi (6 posts) • 0

It pains me to point out the green dome of Yixigong Mosque near corner of Qingyun St. and Nanchang St. is currently being built over by traditional Chinese architectural tiled roofing with beams on all sides to conceal the original sphere dome.

Maybe this is for fire safety reasons.

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