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Forums > Living in Kunming > COP15 starting in about 40 days

I wonder what the quarantine rules will be like for the COP delegates in Oct. If mandated, wouldn't they need to arrive this month?

The WHO members weren't exempted from it when they came to Hubei.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What's required for train travel?

@AlexKMG wrote, "Seems like the Metro still hasn't actually connected properly to Kunming station."

The metro (Kunming Railway Station metro station) is connected to Kunming Station. As JanJal mentioned, this is the HSR station of choice to Dali. South station to Dali would be a no no, unless you already reside near Chengong District.

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

Would be helpful if the GoKunming team could touch base with relevant governing bodies to receive trusted, official words. Posting them like the good ol' days.

To add to the conspicuous vaccination push for locals in Kunming. Depending on district locale, free gowujuan vouchers, eggs, and even Kunming Zoo (Yuantongshan) tickets are offered as vaccination incentives. These small, dangling lollipop carrots are implemented alongside courteous reminders, albeit incessant. Far cry from monetary rewards offered elsewhere, but at least no apparent stick coercion to fret over.

Anticipating the day complimentary gift bags are allotted to foreigners (particularly >60) in lieu of shunning.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Registering foreigners' religious activities

At least two mosque domes that I know of have been visibly concealed in inner Kunming centre. So there is that whole anti-extremism initiative.

Not sure if oversight is tightened on all the Abrahamic religions, or just on foreigners who may adhere to them. Or on foreigners who may win over young hearts and minds with their western ideologies, or on potential cultish organizations deviating too far from cultural norms and communist values.

In terms of new curbs imposed on foreign entities in academia proposed recently by China's State Council to tackle the latter:

"The new law, which comes into effect on Sept. 1, halts the teaching of foreign curricula in schools from kindergarten to grade nine (K-9) and prohibits the ownership or control of any private K-9 schools by foreign entities."[...]


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